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Thank you for choosing me to be your accompanist! 

2019-2020 Fees (includes two 30-minute rehearsals + the event): 

  • Middle School Solo and Ensemble - $50 

  • High School District S & E - $60

  • High School State S & E - $40 for students accompanied at the district level, $60 for new soloists.

  • Recitals - Sliding scale based on difficulty of the piece. Discount offered when accompanying 3 or more soloists at the same recital.

  • Auditions - Sliding scale based on difficulty/length of the piece(s), location of the audition, number of pieces played, and number of rehearsals required. 

  • Choir Festivals - Sliding scale based on difficulty/length of the piece(s), location of the festival, number of pieces played and number of rehearsals required.

 There is a $10 discount if I have played the piece before (check out my repertoire lists below to see if you qualify).


Schedule your rehearsal here:

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* I am no longer accepting new students for the 2019-2020 school year.

Please contact me for teacher recommendations.

Thank you for your interest in piano lessons! My current rate is $17 per 30-minute lesson with a yearly $20 materials fee due in September. If you pay monthly, the fee will be reduced to $15 per lesson. There will be a $2.00 per lesson mileage fee for lessons given outside of my home. This fee will be waived for families with two or more students. Please fill out the registration form below. Thanks!

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