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#StayAtHome Challenge! All of my private lesson students who finish 12 or more activities

by April 24 will be entered into a drawing for a Target gift card 😃

Choose a favorite song and memorize it. Make it as performance-ready as possible!


Take the last song you learned and change it up! If it's slow and soft, try it fast and loud. Legato becomes staccato, etc. For a challenge, see if you can change the direction of the notes.


Look outside and play what you see! What would raindrops sound like? Sunshine? Waving trees?


Close your eyes and listen. What do you hear? How would that sound on the piano?


Choose a composer and find 5 fun facts about them! (Bonus points if you choose a woman 😊)


Put together a mini-recital: choose three songs that are different from each other and record yourself playing them.


What is your favorite pop song? See if you can figure out the melody on the piano. Find a YouTube tutorial of it if you need help!


Make your own theory book! Print several worksheets and / or music coloring pages. Once complete, bind them together.


Teach someone else in your family one of your songs.


Don't look! Close your eyes: can you play a C Major 5 finger scale? How about D Major? See how many you can do!


Pick either a

5 finger, one octave, or two octave scale. Can you play it staccato? Super slow? Try a long - short rhythm or triplets.


Know someone else who plays piano? Facetime, Zoom, or Skype them and play some songs for each other!


Start a repetoire list! Write or type a list of all of the non-method book solos

you've learned. If you remember the date you finished them, add that. Star your favorite ones!


Make a copy of one of the songs you are currently working on. Cut out each line and mix them up. Can you put it back together in the right order?


Music theory! Choose two songs. Circle every music symbol found in them. What does each one mean?


Write a one paragraph story. Underline every letter found in the music alphabet. Can you find those notes on the piano?


Once you've completed an activity, click below to let me know!

Be sure to include what you did and who you are :)