2019-2020 Fees (includes two 30-minute rehearsals + the event): 

  • Middle School Solo and Ensemble : $50 

  • High School District S & E : $60

  • High School State S & E: $40 for students accompanied at the district level, $60 for new soloists or new pieces.

  • Recitals: Sliding scale ($40 - $60) based on difficulty of the piece. Discount offered when accompanying 3 or more soloists at the same recital.

  • Auditions: Sliding scale based on difficulty/length of the piece(s), location of the audition, number of pieces played, and number of rehearsals required. 

  • Choir Festivals: Sliding scale based on difficulty/length of the piece(s), location of the festival, number of pieces played and number of rehearsals required. ($200 minimum for festivals occuring outside of the Metro-Deroit area)

 There is a $10 discount if I have played the piece before (check out my repertoire lists to see if you qualify).


Repetoire List: Band
Double Bass Player
Repetoire List:
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